Grapevine Projects

Every year we harvest our wild grapevine that we are lucky enough to have growing on our fence.  This has been one of our traditions for the last few years.  We do it on the long weekend of Thanksgiving when we are all together and we usually make about 7 to 10 wreaths out of our vines.  This year we tried some new things (since we have a stockpile of wreaths now).  We made some different size balls and a small tree and my sister used most of the grapevine on a rather large tree.  I wouldn’t recommend doing it without gloves, as I have a plethora of cuts on my hands, mostly from the wire needed to hold the monstrosity of a christmas tree together.


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  1. Sandy

    I’ve been wondering what to do with the grapevine growing out back of our place. I think I’ll try it next year. The little tree is adorable. How did you get the cone shape?

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