Happiness is Holidays Past

Christmas was super awesome this year.  We didn’t spend NEAR the money we have in past years, but my husband (Gil) and I really out-did ourselves when faced with the challenge.  My daughter loved every single thing and Gil and I were very proud of our shopping savvy this year.  I think we are changed people.  It IS the thought that counts, it really is!  Anyway, I’ve spent most of the day thinking toward to our New Years celebration, which is always spent in the safety of our home (did I mention that we are the most boring people alive).  I have gone through my Mom’s recipe box.  She’s been gone over 10 years now, but when I sift through her recipe cards that she so thoughtfully kept for us, (knowing that none of us had cooking skills beyond spaghetti) it’s like she is sitting right beside me saying “Try that one, even YOU could make that.”  Anyway, I think I’ll try her recipe for bourbon balls.  They were really good and they were always on our holiday tables in pretty little tins or festive trays.  I can still taste them like it was yesterday.  My Mom was a good cook, but she was a fabulous party thrower.  She really knew how to deck the halls.  So, I will let you know how they turn out.  Cross your fingers!


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