It’s a brand new year!

Don’t you just love the feeling of a brand new year…like you are starting over from scratch.  The holidays are behind me now.  I survived another year.  I spent the whole day yesterday pulling down lights, packing up ornaments.  All the tubs are back in storage.  Time to get back to work.  The kids go back to school on Thurday, (got to finish that history project!)  and  I am so ready for that.  I have a few more Christmas pics to show and then it’s on to new business.  Hope to start my new project soon.  My goal is to have some sort of handmade item done every week.  And to show you new things around town…but to be honest, we Floridians don’t do the cold well at all.  It is very cold this morning, I think around 29 or 30 degrees.  That’s cold for us!  I won’t be getting out unless I have to.


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