Blue Jeans Purse

Here is a purse I made for my daughter from a pair of her old blue jeans.  I give away most of her clothes to cousins and goodwill, but sometimes they are not in good enough shape to donate.  That’s when you save them, cut off the legs and sew across the bottom.  I lined this purse with some satin I had lying around (Okay, it was an old sheet that was torn and ready to be thrown out but otherwise in great condition) I made the straps from the same satin and added an old buckle I had from some old belt that she out grew and wahlah…a new purse.  She loves it and I am going to make more.  This was a very easy project to do.  You can embellish with anything.  You can make a clutch with no straps or make straps out of the legs of the jeans you cut off.


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