Quilting is not for the faint hearted!

I’ve wanted to learn how to quilt for a long time now.  I want to make my daughter a full size quilt for her bed and decided now was the time to learn.  I carefully researched a million “easy” quilt patterns and found a rail fence pattern that looks soooo easy.  Let’s just start by saying I didn’t know you need a calculus degree to figure out how many squares you need for a full size quilt.  What is wrong with me!  I really don’t think I’m that stupid….but this thing has got me licked.  I found a baby quilt pattern that has 30 squares (finished square = 7-1/2″) and finished dimensions of 43″ x 51″, so my mind thinks that 60 squares would be 86″ x 102″…double right?  Does anyone else’s mind think this way?  I found the standard size of a full size quilt is 77″ x 92″  so 60 squares should be more than enough right?  Why do my calculations actually tell me I need about 110 squares to get the dimensions I need.  I need 11 squares by 11 squares of the 8″ inch blocks – that equals 88″ x 88″ – so which is right?  Do I need 60 squares or 110 squares?  That is a really big difference we’re talking about…this is not just a few inches here.  Well, I wish I had paid more attention in math class.  If I get further on this project, I’ll show pictures, but right now my head hurts.


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