Quilting Qualms

Busy at my sewing machine

This quilt….my very first quilt…maybe my last quilt….it just keeps getting more complicated.  I was very excited about this project because I have always wanted to do a quilt.  I guess it will get easier after you’ve made the first one, but the site I got the pattern from rated this a “2” on their difficulty scale.  Almost the easiest one!  They said I could complete the quilt in a weekend.  They didn’t know me I guess.  I’m into this thing for 2 weeks now, and three trips to the fabric store because I am not mathematically able to calculate the yardage.  I thought the second time that I had enough fabric.  I was wrong.  I have still to buy the quilt backing.  But so far I have spent $32.00 on fabric and batting…not bad for a full size quilt.  I’ve priced them in the store.  And really, if I’m fair about it, the 2 weeks is not sewing all day…just in the evenings for an hour or two.  So, I will pull up my bootstraps and get busy and finish this thing with my chin up.  I just have to get past the math disability I’m afflicted with.  Cross your fingers!


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