Covered Cork Board

Fabric covered cork board made from left over scraps.

I had all that left over fabric from the quilt I made for Annabelle and decided to cover her old cork board.  I used adhesive spray on the board and should have been more careful in making sure my fabric was straight, but I thought my glue was drying and was working fast.  Anyway I could pull off the fabric and re-glue it, but Annabelle loved it and didn’t notice or didn’t care if it wasn’t straight.  She’ll have the whole board covered with all her keepsakes anyway.  Just thought it was another way to tie her room decor together.  We are moving soon and that is why we are working on stuff for her brand new room.  She’s had the same decor for a few years now, and her style has morphed into a whole new dimension….(where did my little princess in pink go?)…who knew time went by so fast.  She abhors pink now and wants so many different colors in her room that we think the “black and white” theme will go with any color.  We bought her white wicker furniture when she was 5 or 6 years old.  I thought the full size bed and wicker would serve her needs for years (instead of a twin bed) because it wasn’t too baby-ish and we could paint the wicker later if she wanted something different.  It was definitely a sound decision, because the wicker is timeless to me, and how could you live in Florida and not have something wicker, right?


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