Wow, where have I been for so long?

I guess it’s good I don’t have any regular readers, because they would be plum bored by now.  I have been in a whirlwind (more like wind tunnel) for the past few months getting ready for my craft show season.  I haven’t done any craft shows for the past few years, but have started back recently.  I love doing them, but they really keep you busy.  I will post some pictures of my next one, but here are some things I have been selling.  I am totally into recycling denim.  One reason being that I have so much denim, heck that is my whole wardrobe.  I live in jeans and so does my husband…so there you go, instant material.  Let me know what you think!


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Filed under Aprons, Floor Cushions, Handmade, Pet Beds, Purses, quilts

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