I am still Handmade Happy!

I have been a busy girl.  I was working on my handmade crafts for a local craft festival we have here in Panama City.  Even though it was a once a month festival, it took all I had to mass produce items, and you know you never really get back what you put into the things you make.  Mass production is not for me.  It takes all the special-ness out of your craft.  I’m the type that has to ponder and let the item speak to me and tell me what to do with it.  I enjoy the process of the creativity, and making your vision come alive.  It’s hard to do that when you are mass producing.  So, I am starting fresh with this brand new year, especially since we all survived the mayan apocolypse or the end of the world zombie attacks.  So I think it’s time for some new things.  So wait and see what my creative mind comes up with.


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