The Crafter’s Curse

So if you are a crafter like I am, you tend to pile up junk (hubby calls it hoarding).  I always yard sale for most of my crafting supplies.  I love recycling and re-purposing things, so I am subject to pick up any old thing with the thought that I will do something soooo clever with it, but it goes into a pile and I (in my mind) save them for that special something.  Anywho, I’ve got a bedroom that is really getting difficult to get around. I’m worried that my husband may be ready to put me on an episode of “Hoarder Horrors” or something.  I have my sewing space, sewing table, machine, notions, buttons, fabric, books on how to sew, and then there is the pile of vintage patterns, and I also love vintage jewelry, so that’s a pile…not to mention the carport is getting over thrown with all my works in progress, mostly things needing sanding and paint or repair.  Here is one of my projects.  I found this at an antique store, it was just the base and I can’t even begin to tell you what I thought I do with it, because I didn’t know.  So I bought the base and happened to be back in that same store another time and the lady told me the marble to the base had broken into 2 pieces and was laying outside, (in the dirt) and so I got that too.  I’ve got the pieces of marble back together, still working on it though, but here are some pics.  Tell me it’s not gorgeous!  Look at that base, it looks like brass, but brass usually turns brassy, so I’m not sure what metal it is, but it is so pretty.  Can you see the rocking chair behind it?  I got it off the curb, took me about 30 minutes to get it into my small car, but I wasn’t going to be deterred, i didn’t care how many people drove by me staring as if I’d lost my mind.  Oh the curse.ImageImageImage


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