Saturday Morning Freedom

I never have a Saturday free.  There is always an array of things on my Saturday agendas.  It’s always someone’s birthday (I have a huge family – Catholics you know), or my daughter has to meet so and so at the mall, but not the mall close to our house, oh no, the mall that is way the heck out on the far end of the beach.  “The one on the beach is better mom”.  Or more than anything else she usually has a friend spending the night.  Am I the only Mom that let’s kids spend the night?  My kid rarely spends the night with anyone. They always spend the night here, sometimes two friends, sometimes three, and on rare occasions (it takes a long time to heal afterwards) we’ve had seven or eight.  Usually when school gets out for summer, I let her have a bunch of friends for a camp out in the backyard.  We put up the tent and string white christmas lights everywhere and set up the karaoke machine (our neighbors love us, not). The have lots of junk food and fun.  I’ve seen these tabletop fire pots on pinterest.  You line clay flower pots with aluminum foil and add charcoal and presto table top fire pot for smores (it’s always been too hot in the summer to light the fire pit). I’ll have to try that this summer.  Anyway, she finally spent the night with a friend last night, and here I am on Saturday morning, still in my jammies, and thinking about staying this way. It’s nice to have that little bit of quiet time in the morning.  It’s when I think of the day ahead and get my creative juices flowing.  I’m hoping to start two projects I’m planning.  My sister’s birthday is coming up and I’m going to make her some iced tea glass covers.  Pinterest called them “shoo fly covers” and they are basically a piece of round material weighted down on the edges with beads or washers or whatever.  We are all originally from Tennessee, so we are a little country.  She’ll love these.  I’m using squished beer caps that I’m going to paint for dangling along the edges.  She’ll like that too.  I also have a birdhouse my husband made that I’m going to get crafty with.  I’ll show you pics later.  I Hope you have a nice calm Saturday too!  Relax and do some deep breathing.  I’m plugging in my 10 minute guided meditation right now.  ohmmmmmmm.  (that’s goodbye in meditation)


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