For The Birds

In Florida our spring comes earlier than most people, but this year we still have cool weather and below average temps still.  I’ve been killing myself to get my yard ready for sowing some Bermuda grass seed.  Yes, I could’ve used “round up” or some other great weed killer, but I really don’t like chemicals and use them sparingly.  So, I’ve practically dug up the whole yard, which was all weeds and sand spurs.  Have you ever stepped on a sand spur.  Ouch!  They are wicked mean stickers.  Anyway, I’m really ready for spring.  I want it to be here already!  My husband made our first birdhouse of the year.  He is great at the construction, and I do the finishing work.  Here is a new style we are trying this year.  It has three separate compartments.  I’m thinking a mini complex for Purple Martins or Bluejays.  Like I said my husband builds them from reclaimed wood and recycled things, and then I paint them or whatever.  Sometimes we just leave them rustic looking.  I do sell some of my items on Bonanza ( .  EBay’s fees just got to be too much for me.  Anyway, If you are ever interested in anything I have made or have (I sell vintage stuff too), it is usually posted on one of those sites (until I finish my web store).  Have a crafty day!  I’m staying indoors today since it’s freezing outside (59 degrees).  In Florida, freezing means below 60 degrees.



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