Recycled Silverware Windchime

You have no idea how many yard sales I go to that have silverware in a box for little or nothing.  I love to look through them for interesting pieces because it is always so cheap and readily available.  As a crafter, you tend to pick things up (hubby calls it hoarding) thinking you can do something with it.  So I literally will pick up anything if it is cheap and can be re-used somehow.  I have always loved windchimes.  I just bought the prettiest green Capiz shells windchime from an antique store in town. They had a dislay of different hand strung windchimes that a local artist sells.  I couldn’t wait to hang it among my ferns in the carport.  I will just say this, the shells were so light that even someone slamming their car door would make them chime.  They were the most annoying windchimes I’ve ever owned, and probably the most I’ve paid too!  Go figure.  That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) and make my very own custom design and sound that is a bit more soothing than the constant clattering of shells.  I just had to remember where I put my bag of yard sale silverware.  I started by pulling out things that could work for the base.  Some time back, I had picked up some old metal pot lids from our Catholic thrift store.  They had some nice old retro colored metal pot lids, a whole shelf of them, and they were .10 cents each.  My husband (who was waiting in the car while I just ran in for a minute, yeah right) looked at me like I was insane when I came out of the thrift store with a bag of metal lids.  He didn’t even ask though, just shook his head.  So these lids were going to be a bird bath, recycled of course.  I pulled out the smallest of the lids, that was a nice copper.  I had some ring bases that I had left over from making recycled denim flower rings for a craft show.  The rings are the adjustable kind.  I bought them about a year ago from a man on Etsy.  The whole bag of ring bases were like $2.00.  So I pulled out all of my weird metal things that I have stashed here and there.  I will only say that I save so much junk everywhere (I mean, who buys a bag of pot lids if not a hoarder).  I have this box that I keep stuff in like old belt buckles, watch bands, washers etc.  I pulled out all metal things and different cording and anything I thought may work for windchimes.  At this point I had no idea what I wanted except that I wanted it spiraled rather than in a circle pattern.  So hubby made holes around the pot lids, where we pulled the adjustable rings apart and afixed them into the holes and that is where the fishing line starts hanging the silverware.  I used some of that stretchy plastic thread (that we used to make key chains from) for the inside round washers.  Once I decided to do silverware, and some of it is silver-plate and really has a nice tone, I thought it needed some round in there because the lid was round and in my tiny little brain I thought It might balance it out like feng shui .  So, this project took about 1 hour to complete and adjust and I think it sounds great and it takes a real wind to blow it.




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