Mini Fridge Makeover

My 14 yr old has been asking for a mini fridge for her room since Christmas.  Well, a friend of a friend had a yard sale and sent the word out that her mini fridge was going for $10. The friend saw it and picked it up for us and left it in our carport.  So the sign on the fridge said the freezer didn’t work on it and it was a little rough-looking.  After lots of bleach on the inside and a little sanding on the outside, it was almost ready for paint.  There were a few rust spots that had to be dealt with.  Some “Jasco Prep and Primer” rust inhibitor sprayed onto the rusted spots and then Bondo for the hole finished the repairs.  Oh and turning the freezer temp up.  It was turned all the way down, and no one checked it and assumed the freezer went out.  Lucky us!  I told my daughter that we could paint it what ever color she wanted.  I didn’t know by letting her pick the color, in her mind that meant she could pick what she wanted to have painted on it.  She told me she wanted Superman – now remember, she is 14.  In fact she said “Pleeeaaasse” with those big doe eyes.  So this is the before and after pictures.ImageImageImage

Not Bad if I say so myself.  She is a happy 14 yr old.  She had a friend spend the night Friday night and she had drinks we bought for it and they fixed up all these snacks to put in it.  They had a blast.

Since we’re on the subject of her room, I’m sure you can tell it is crowded in there.  It is the typical teenager room with posters and all kinds of stuff on the walls.  She wanted her room painted orange and pink.  Neon orange and bright pink.  Two walls of each, which led me to play down the color with black and white furniture and bedding.  But those walls are a mix of everything.  Just imagine the inside of your teenagers mind and how much stuff, random stuff, is in there.  That’s what her walls reflect I think.  Here is a picture of the orange and pink painted walls.ImageImage

Crazy right?  I’ve learned along the way, that you just have to pick your battles.  It’s her room and she should be able to have it the way she wants and I try not to interfere too much.  I want her to be able to express herself, even though you need sunglasses in there.


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