DIY Teen Bedroom Accessories

My last post was about a mini fridge for my daughter’s room, and as I was taking pictures in there I realized just how much stuff is in that little room.  I let her have the “say-so” in her room (with a few boundary rules).  She likes keeping stuff though (hmmmm sounds a little like me now that I think about it) her old books, and trophies for instance.  Anyway, before her room got into the state it is in now, I got busy with a few DIY accessorries. 

I made this jewelry hanger/storage for her necklaces and such.  I had a piece of leftover Image mdf board from another project.  I covered it in batting and used the same black and white fabric and pattern I had used on her quilt I made for her bed. I stapled the fabric to the back and covered the back with a piece of felt, hot glued on, to cover the staples.  I then evenly spaced (eye-balled) cup hooks for the jewelry and a ribbon for hanging it by.  It was really easy.  Hello Kitty came off a birthday cake and since she would never get rid of it, we ended up hiding the hook with it.  My daughter loves Hello Kitty!  She’s 14 – go figure.

My daughter also wanted zebra-striped curtains (besides neon orange and hot pink walls).  That was challenging because I’m not really a seamstress, I am more of a crafter that sometimes has to sew.  I searched for fabric and can we just talk about the expense of fabric!  It’s not really that affordable, once you add your time (which for me could be days or weeks) it just isn’t that frugal unless you shop clearance like me.Image  I found this really pretty gauzy white fabric with a little bit of embroidery on it for $2.00 per yard.  I think I used 5 yards, but not for sure on that.  I just wanted it to be flowy.  Since I didn’t want my 14 yr old that looks like 19 yr old to have sheer curtains in her bedroom,  I found room darkening roller shades for about $3.00 each and just got some black craft paint and did my interpretation of zebra stripes and pulled her pretty flowy curtains to the side and used some leftover tulle for tiebacks and a cuphook for attaching it to.  My daughter loved them.  She’s like me a bit and doesn’t like “cookie cutter” things.  She likes having stuff that no one else has in their room.  And the bonus is that I no longer have to see sheets and blankets over her window when she’s watching movies.  She likes it dark when she and her friends watch scary movies.

She also likes vintage things like me.  I found a dresser or vanity mirror at a yard sale for $1.00.  You know the kind everyone had with the gold tone scroll pattern around a mirror.  Well I forgot to take a picture, not that you can see the actual mirror because there are about 50 bottles of fingernail polish on it.  That was my idea for organizing because I’m telling you teenage girls have tons of little stuff.  Image

I found this little vanity at a yard sale for $5.00.  A little sanding and spraypaint, gloss black, and it is my daughter’s favorite piece in her room and has plenty of storage in the drawer..  The vanity had a big rectangular wooden bench, but I found the vintage powder room chair and re-covered it in black minkie type material.  Her furnishings are all black and white (trying to tone down the orange and pink walls).  I also found for $1.00 a vintage (circa late 60’s early 70’s) metal gold-tone footed kleenex box holder…remember those?  We spray painted it white and it is really cute.  I could go on and on (even more) about Annabelle’s room, but we will revisit that subject again someday.  Hope your day is crafty!


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