Reclaimed Wood Birding Station

I am using the word “reclaimed” quite literally.  We had a storm pass through a couple of weeks ago that broke a pretty decent size limb off the tree next door (dang popcorn tree).  The limb landed on my fence where my passion-flower vine grows.  So as I was dragging the limb down to the road, I realized that I had been looking for something sturdy to use to hang some birdhouses or feeders from.  So when I asked hubby if he would plant the limb in the ground so it would stand up, he gives me his “Geez, can she get any crazier” look.  He does not ask questions anymore.  I hate to say it, but it’s not my first time planting dead trees.  I did it last year for Halloween…spooky trees lining the walkway.  Hey, that box of 4 lighted trees is $15 or $20 bucks at Big Lots!

So I’ve been trying to find some creative ideas online about my dead tree (and a bush) being used as a birding station.  Can you believe there is not a lot out there on this subject?  Well, I’m on my own here.  Left to my own devices.  The problem is that I really have this “style” (for lack of a better word) that not a lot of people get.  But, since I’m over 50 now, I don’t have to worry if people “get it”.  Really, when you turn 50, you get to start saying exactly what you think, and do what you want about things.  People just laugh it off and think you’re old and eccentric.   I know 50 isn’t old, but it is to younger people.  My 15-year-old thinks I am the crypt keeper.  I am older than a lot of her friend’s moms.  Being 50 years old is ancient in her opinion.  I am only trying to say that saying what YOU think and doing what YOU like is freeing.

So hubby is somehow attaching the large tree branch standing up at the end of my fence and then i will have a perfect birding station between the tree branch and the dead bush that are the key elements of my design.  I use the term “design” loosely.

Here is a picture of the fallen branch.  My neighbors, I’m pretty sure, think I’m nuts anyway, so I may paint my tree branch.  I haven’t decided, but I am thinking that the dead tree branch will look like a decoration, or yard art if it is painted.  But the natural looks good too.  I’ll have to wait til installation before deciding.

tree stump 001


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