Birding Station Progress

I have been a very busy girl, in case you notice that it has been about 6 months since I have posted anything.  Life throws you some hard balls sometimes, and gosh, I feel like I am just coming out of the dirt like a seedling.  I was buried beneath the dirt, it seems, all winter.  Then things have slowly gotten a little better and life is calming down again (Thank you, Jesus!), and I realize that it is Spring.   I do feel like I was cut down in the fall, and frozen all winter, and I’m just realizing that I’m coming back, and have a new start and even though I have to start again from a mere seedling, I am going to emerge stronger and better for it.  Okay, So I really did finish my birding station project and wanted to share some pictures of my dead tree limb with a couple of birdhouses hubby made.  Just so you know I’m not finished with it (more is better and I want lots more) and will be adding a couple of smaller birdhouses I’ve almost finished.

Birding station1 iphone pics 2013 079There is also a really dead bush to the right of this spot, that is going to be incorporated somehow.  Just give me time and there’s no telling what it will be.   Hope you’re all enjoying your Spring!







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