Bottle Cap Backsplash

I have been playing catch-up with some long over-due projects, and really wanted to share this oh so simple DIY.  Back at Thanksgiving we were going to have out-of-town guests visiting, and in the true spirit of the holidays, we were scrambling to get last minute groceries and sprucing up the new digs because this was the first time the old friends had seen it.  I had been saving picture frames for a while, because there are so many awesome crafts and DIYs out there and especially since everything now is so, you know, digital.  I had re-purposed some old picture frames into jewelry hangers by removing the glass, and stretching burlap around the opening and stapled.  Attach a pretty ribbon to hang it by and you have a quick and easy handmade earring display.  The burlap is pretty easy to stencil or screen print on for a more personalized gift.  So, company is coming and the kitchen is blah beyond blah when I realized there was just too much blah wall space.  So to break up the ginormous expanse of blahness, I decided I needed a fast fix for a back-splash.  I remembered this rectangle shaped frame that would be the perfect size, and decided to use painted bottle caps.  We are literally talking about 30 minutes total with gluing the caps on!  I already had the frame with the burlap and ribbon hanger that was a left-over jewelry hanger.  So I randomly painted and glued the bottle caps to the burlap and hung it sideways over the stove.  What do you think?  Not bad for a fast, practically free (yard sale frame .50 cents) practical back-splash.  Practical in being disposable when nasty.  I can replace the piece of burlap, add new caps, change up colors and designs on a whim.




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