T-Shirt Quilt

My 15-year-old daughter plays volleyball for her high school.  She loves the sport.  It is such a good, fun sport for girls.  I like it because so many type girls can play it.  You don’t have to be athletically built, skinny, tall, or a certain shape or size.  Usually the girls play the regular high school season with a tournament or two in the mix.  Then club volleyball starts just 2 months or so later and they play all tournaments.  So the girls always want a shirt from all the different venues, and I can see where the t-shirts can stack up.  I also figured I can get my first one out of the way, knowing how many volleyball t-shirts my daughter already has, but will have by the time she graduates in 2017.

One of our seniors was graduating and as always, I just can’t make myself buy a generic gift or a money card and be done.  I love handmade gifts and love giving them.  This girl had bags of t-shirts from different volleyball clubs, tournaments, and school uniforms.  I had been toying with the idea of making a t-shirt quilt for some time.  I saw a beautiful one on Pinterest, and knew that I wanted to do it.

I figured out my finished measurements (Volleyball girls are tall) and knew that I wanted it to be long enough.  My daughter is 5′ 10″ and the throws I’ve bought from the store are never long enough.  So I decided on a finished size of 12″ squares because most of the graphics on the t-shirts were that big.  I had hubby make me a perfectly square template 1″ bigger that my finished 12″ squares.  And from there it was easy peasy.  I used my rotary cutter and cut 15 t-shirts and used graphics from the one side and a blank square from the other side of the t-shirt.  I think it may have been too much with a graphic on every one of the 30 squares.  I wanted my finished measurements to be 5′ wide and 7′ long (because girlfriend is real tall).  I cut the 30 squares and laid them out the way I wanted each row.  I stacked up the rows and yes I tag them row 1 or 2 and so on.  I sewed the 5 squares in each row together.  I then sewed the rows together.  I elected not to use batting because I bought really awesome microfiber soft and snuggle fleece  for the back and I had the idea that the t-shirts would just sort of grab the fleece, but I ended up having to tie the corners of each square to finish the quilting.   I threaded an embroidery needle with embroidery thread and tied small knots then bows on top of the knots.  I ironed the seams really good before attaching the backing.  I put right sides together and pinned the crap out of it because I also elected not to cut 30 squares of interfacing for each t-shirt square.  Gosh I am impatient, and I usually pay the price for it.  I sewed around the entire quilt except one 12″ square left open for pulling the fabric back through.  Once I pulled it through, I sewed around the entire thing again.  Top-stitching heaven!  A couple of my squares grew bigger than 12″, but not many.  It is nerve-racking  trying to match up the corners. I could see every last flaw and really had second thoughts about giving this graduate a shoddy quilt that had a couple of corners that didn’t match up.  At the end of the day, the graduate loved, LOVED her quilt and she never saw anything wrong with it.  We are our own harshest critics, aren’t we?  Here are a few pictures of the quilt, honestly it was so simple.



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2 responses to “T-Shirt Quilt

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  2. It looks good! You are just too hard on yourself. Great job!

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