Backyard Garden

I know that gardening is not exactly “handmade”, but the time and care that is put into them and when they do deliver, it’s sort of that handmade/homemade blurred line.  Anyway, I have a few pictures to share of our small (but oh so time consuming) garden.  We’ve had to get even more creative this year with pest control because the chickens are the worst sort of pest! 

Hubby usually starts off spring by making me some small trellis’.  I like big ones too, but he makes these that are about half the full size wooden garden trellis like they sell at home depot.  The cheapies.  Yeah those.  Hubby makes them for me now because (I’ve been told) I’m picky.  I like the small size trellis by my miniature roses, that are not really miniature at all anymore.  I get full beautiful long stem roses, that the flower shop would die for, off this morphed miniature rose bush we got for Mother’s Day one year.  Garden ScarecatBut I digress!  This is our smallish garden that is being overrun by peas that the garden center said were like our Lady Peas we always grew in Tennessee.  These peas are trailing, climbing, choking the life from everything else in the garden type.  I think they were called “white acre” peas.  Anyway, these peas, when picked green, are like chicken “crack cocaine”!  My chickens turn into maniacal beasts when they see me coming with a handful of pea pods.  I had one fly up and land on my head!  They go insane for these peas!  So I’ve had to put up this black landscaping fence (pretty cheap about $15.00 for 100′ roll with the stakes already attached).  The fence was not helpful at all.  The chickens fly right over, thus ScareCat came to be.  This was actually a vacuum cleaner cover.  Remember those from the 60’s?  The thing was in some yard sale stuff someone donated to our cause.  So it was stuffed with hay and put up to scare the chickens away and it worked for a while.

Late Summer Garden     Tomato Plants

We have squash, okra, cucumbers and pickling cucumbers (they are so good in salads), peas, assorted peppers for Hubby’s famous Hot Pepper Sauce he gives away at Christmas.  You can’t have a mess of greens without hot pepper sauce!  I’m also trying to grow pumpkins and watermelons, but so far, I thinks it’s been too hot for them to pollinate.  Our tomatoes have been delicious just sliced up on a plate at dinner and we’ve had fried green tomatoes too and cherry tomatoes that are so sweet.

Tomatoes from garden

We also grew some potatoes for the first time ever, and let me tell you, there is no comparison to the store bought kind.  My daughter and I both like to slice a potato raw and lightly salt and pepper it…yummy when you need the salt fix and probably healthier than a potato chip.  Here in NW Florida the Red Pontiac potatoes were recommended for our climate and sand.  Yes I said sand.  No dirt, no clay, just dry sand….growing anything here should be held in a prestigious way. 

We love spending time in our backyard with our chickens and cats and garden.  It’s nice when the afternoon sea breeze blows through, but not so good during the blazing sun of the day.  You can fry up in 10 minutes most days.  Literally the morning weather forecast will tell you “burn time” as in 10 minute burn time means it takes 10 minutes in the sun to start burning.  We’ve got our chicken coop in the shadiest spot in the yard.  It gets full sun in the mornings from about 9:30 – 11:30.  I’ve planted pots of Nasturium that are pretty orange (favorite UT color!) and are supposed to be a natural wormer for the chickens. 

Coop       Backyard Bliss

Thanks for letting me get “off topic” with my sort of handmade/homemade garden stuff.  I did have to dig out some Halloween vultures and decorations to help scare the chickens away.  Getting creative to solve everyday problems or issues is what keeps our brains thinking and active and your creativity comes from the right side of your brain and we don’t work that side of our brains nearly the way we did when we were kids.  Now we are just old stuck in the muds, living inside the box that we don’t dare go outside of.  Work that brain people!  Gosh, I really missed my calling of soap box preaching.  I do go off on tangents now and again.

Hope your week is as sunny as mine!

                                   Chickens in Banana Trees


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