Getting Crafty w/Birdfeeders

I have a love of birds that I inherited from my dad. We had a huge window behind our kitchen table in the house I grew up in.  My dad would sit there every morning having his breakfast and watch the birds.  Now that he is gone, I think he visits me as a bright red cardinal.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s comforting to think that he is always near.  I’m an outdoors type of person and love seeing all the feathered visitors in my yard.  I do have cats, so I don’t want to attract birds for the cats to eat.  I usually have my feeders up high, but this particular feeder is sitting on the ground, so I placed the feeder near big bushes and trees for the birds to be able to protect themselves quickly.
This feeder started life as a lamp. When I got the lamp, it was just a broken lamp that my neighbor was putting on the curb for garbage.  I have no shame taking her garbage, in fact, I do it so much to this particular neighbor that she brings stuff to my carport and leaves it if she thinks I might use it.  In other words, she knows what things I like to use because I’ve been doing it to her for years.  She’s a good neighbor.
So this lamp looks good from the front, but broken on the back, but who is going to see the back, right?  Plus, I really liked the vintage vibe with the swan.  Mister took all the lamp parts out and affixed a plastic charger to the top of the lamp for a feeder.  Doesn’t it look great!  Living so close to the beach, I tend to like beachy looking things, and I’m crazy for flamingos, but still the swan is fine for me, because I saved 1 item from the landfill.
I get so much satisfaction from re-purposing and re-using things.  Saving the earth one broken lamp at time!  I have more lamps (same neighbor) that I’m saving for a garden totem.  I have seen some amazing totems from old lamps and vases on Pinterest, and I have been lucky curb shopping lately (I need a truck), and have lots of old flower vases that I plan on using on the totem.  I have to color them first.  I’ve seen several DIY posts about tinting mason jars, so I’m going to try the Rit Dye and Elmer’s glue version.  I will let you know how that turns out.
I’m stuck indoors today because it is raining here.  Thank you Lord for the rain we needed so bad.  At least I don’t have to water my yard and beds today, so I will have time to sew, and screen print, Mister’s and my bleacher box cushions that have been put off since the end of volleyball season last year and here it is again!  Those bleachers are hard to sit on for long.     Rain = crafts






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