About Me

I started this blog with the idea to share a love for all things handmade and the handmade kind of life I’ve lived for as long as I can remember.

I grew up a handmade kid.  My mother had eight of us kids and she spent the biggest portion of her life sewing, re-purposing, and recycling, not to mention canning, preserving, jellies, pickles, you name it.  Hand-me-downs is how we lived.  My mother passed her love of crafting on to us, as I hope I am passing it on to my daughter.  I love making handmade things for gifts.  I love baking goodies from my mother’s handwritten recipe cards.  I love shopping for handmade things.  I love going to craft and holiday festivals.  I think I just love the uniqueness of it all, the one of a kind treasures.  I hope to share my treasures with you.

I am married (for 16 years now) and am mom to my beautiful teenage girl.    I am number 6 out of eight kids my mom had.  My everyday life is hectic and insane usually, but I can pick up whatever craft project I’m working on, and I get instant peace.


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